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Superior Aerosol Version of Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride (BN) Aerosol Lubricoat®

ZYP Coatings, Inc. produces a superior aerosol version of boron nitride. Boron Nitride is recommended as a high-temperature, anti-stick release agent/lubricant for hot-pressing, glass forming, superplastic forming and melting/casting of nonferrous metals and alloys. Forming a non-wetting, non-reacting layer with molten aluminum, magnesium and their drosses, boron nitride is ideal for forming a barrier layer to protect metal, ceramic, or graphite substrates used for metal transport or casting operations. Boron Nitride is also useful for high electrical resistance, along with good thermal conductivity, as a coating on electrical heating elements. Additionally, as a weld-spatter-release agent, boron nitride is excellent. Thus, with the aerosol version, easy application of uniform, thin layers is now possible. Acetone / Alcohol based carrier assures fast drying.

Surfaces to be sprayed should be cleaned and degreased first. Shake can well before using. Hold can 150 to 300 mm (6 to 12 inches) from surface. Apply a thin, uniform coating, using even movements. Respray as needed. Use in a well-ventilated area. Acetone/Alcohol Based. Consult SDS before use.

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