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Unique-Abrasion-Resistant Formulation

Boron Nitride Hardcoat®

• Totally Protects and Makes All Surfaces Non-Wetted by Molten Aluminum,Magnesium, and Their Drosses

• Truly Abrasion-Resistant

• Easily Applied Like Housepaint to Metals, Ceramics, and Graphite

• Water-Based, Ready-to-Use, No VOC’s

BORON-NITRIDE-HARDCOAT-is the only truly abrasion-resistant boron nitride coating available. HARDCOAT, which is applied exactly like housepaint, provides a surface that acts like Teflon® in that molten aluminum, magnesium, and their drosses will not react nor adhere. Ideal for high-wear uses where all other boron nitride coatings fail.

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Teflon® -- Registered trademark of DuPont