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ZYP Coatings, Inc. is the world leader in the manufacture of paintable boron nitride coatings

BN Paints -- Paint and Coatings of Boron Nitride

ZYP Coatings provides true, total nonwetting boron nitride paints for all areas of processing molten nonferrous metals -- aluminum, magnesium, and zinc. Boron Nitride Lubricoat (WHITE or BLUE-COLORED) is ideal for extending the life of refractory troughs, launders, and runners -- while providing smooth flowing action. Boron Nitride Lubricoat-ZV (WHITE or BLUE-COLORED) is offered where a more dilutable coating is desired and for applications requiring a relatively hard surface -- such as components that move while in contact with molten metal.

Boron Nitride Releasecoat (WHITE or BLUE-COLORED) gives Teflon®-like mold release and mirror-like (cosmetic) surface finishes for low-draft, high-drag areas in permanent molds. Boron Nitride Hardcoat is ideal for ladles, skimmers, and areas needing some abrasion-resistance.

For aluminum billet producers (Wagstaff casters) special coatings have been developed for hot-top billet casting tables and for Transition Plate Coating. The boron nitride coatings greatly extend casting-table refractory life, while giving inclusion-free pours, stopping dross buildup, and allowing easy removal of any mispours.

Also, the best boron nitride aerosol formulation is offered for those who need a fast-drying, high temperature paint. And, "Aerosol Brushable" material is available for areas where large-scale use of this type of coating is needed.

Boron nitride specialty coatings for the extrusion [products manufactured by ZYP Coatings for Castool] and glass industry are offered. Virtually any problem area requiring high-temperature release or "non-stick" can be solved with ZYP Coatings’products. Examine our informational literature by clicking on the buttons to the left. You may also wish to check out our full website for particulars on all of these areas.

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