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Get Teflon®-like Mold Release & Mirror-like Surface Finish

Boron Nitride Releasecoat for Permanent Moulders
  1. Apply your regular brand of thermal coating.
  2. Apply top coating of Releasecoat for maximum release and surface finish
  3. Easily touch-up as needed without stopping production.

1. Use one of many available fine quality thermal insulating mold coatings directly on the mold -- just as you do now. This is necessary to provide the required thermal insulation for permanent mold casting. DON’T STOP HERE! If you need improved casting release in low draft regions or if you need the absolute very best surface finish -- READ ON.

2. Selectively apply a thin, economical top coating of RELEASECOAT over the thermal insulating coating of Step 1. For best economy, just apply RELEASECOAT in those mold areas needing the Teflon®-like release and/or improved surface finish. RELEASECOAT is easily air-sprayed onto hot or cold molds using any spray equipment. RELEASECOAT is safe, water-based, non-toxic and emits only water vapor upon heating. Operators are not exposed to any toxic or irritating gases!

3. Periodically touch-up the molds by spraying RELEASECOAT onto the hot molds WITHOUT STOPPING PRODUCTION. Dries on contact with hot molds.

Teflon®- Registered trademark of DuPont

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